Business Research & Reports

"Execute smarter business decisions with on-demand research and reports tailor-made for you"

What we can do for You ?

We provide on-demand business research services and customized market reports to a wide range of corporate clients, from established corporations, Investment Banks and PE/VCs to start-ups, thoroughly supporting them in planning, formulation and execution of their strategies, making them take smarter business decisions and leading to profitability as well as success.

We offer significant cost advantages to our clients as compared with standard research consultancy contracts or maintaining an in-house research team. Our services have been used by clients majorly to develop and formulate their business plans, growth strategies, understand market challenges & dynamics, tracking competitors, understand & mitigate supply chain risks and optimize cost & expenditure.

“Alphoenix Research supports corporate clients in planning, formulation and execution of their strategies, making them take smarter business decisions, leads to profitability and success”

Our team of research experts have capability of working across multiple functions including strategy, corporate development, procurement, market intelligence, business development, sales & marketing and research units.

They are capable of executing research and consulting projects for clients in a wide variety of sectors including Banking & Financial Services, Automobile, Technology, Media, Telecom, Energy & Mining, Oil & Gas, Education, Healthcare & Fitness, Retail, Internet, Government, Hospitality, Timberland/Forest, Consumer Goods, Transportation & Logistics, Aviation and many more.

“Research experts of Alphoenix Research have capability of working across multiple functions and variety of sectors”


Company Research & Reports

Company reports can help you know more about your competitors, their performances, new product developments, latest corporate actions or identify untapped sales opportunities. Whether you’re a company presenting a sales pitch or a research & consulting firm, we’ll cater to your research needs.

Alphoenix Research is trusted by top businesses around the world. Our team of experts will research, formulate and present the information in a clear and crisp manner. Our graphic designers are also capable of creating attractive reports including inforgraphics, preferred color scheme and high quality images.

Company Reports, Company Profiles, Company Research

Customized Newsletters (Company, Industry or Sector Tracking)

Company, Industry or Sector tracking solutions are created to keep in mind specific requirements of Corporates/Consultants/Investment Bankers. All you need is to send us a list of companies, industries or sectors to be tracked on daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual basis, and we will do it for you. By doing this tracking exercise you can easily get hold of latest information about your competition, or players in particular industry/ sector which you are targeting or interests you, and you can always stay one step ahead from your competition.

Alphoenix Research is capable of providing high quality customized company, industry or sector tracking solutions at reasonable price as compared to its global peers.

Corporate Newsletter, Industry Tracking, Company Tracking

Business Questions

Business question could be any question about suppliers or dealers associated with specific product category or services in specific cities or countries, or it could be a general industry/ sector or company scenario question, or information about new emerging business models or market trends.

Whatever is the business question or research requirement, our team of research experts will dig deep and find out the details you really need to know to progress.

Business Questions, Ad Hoc Research

Executive Report

Executive reports contain insights on a specific executive or professional; current role in an organisation, previous roles, total work experience, education, awards and other latest updates. If you’re looking for insights on a specific executive or professional, order an executive report.

Be it any industry or company, our research experts will provide you with latest details on the individual.

Executive reports, Biographies, Management Biographies
Industry/Sector Research & Reports

Industry/Sector research reports can help you get a 360 degree view of any industry/sector. It helps corporations in understanding an industry/sector better; get deep insights on opportunities, key market trends & players, government policies, forecasts & future outlook and much more.

Alphoenix Research is capable of providing customized industry/sector research reports in a number of different formats to suit your specific requirements.

Industry Reports, Industry Analysis, Industry Research

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Research

Investment banks work day & night to assist individuals, corporations, and governments in raising financial capital, identifying & investing in equity of operating companies, assist companies in mergers & acquisitions (M&A) and provide ancillary services such as market making, trading of derivatives & equity securities, and FICC services (fixed income instruments, currencies, & commodities).

We fully understand the importance of good & well presented research for your business and that's where we come in. Alphoenix Research offers ideal products and support services for M&A professionals working with Investment Banks, PE/VCs and other corporate. They include detailed company profiles, M&A pitchbook, deal analysis, financial research and analysis, KPI & financial benchmarking, dashboards, short profiles, management biographies, start-up research, competitive analysis, excel financial models, company or industry tracking, data analysis, excel based work and much more. Our company and industry reports include detailed corporate or industry information, financials, deal histories and corporate structures. The corporate pitchbook comprises of financial data, product/services, brands, segment information, market share & size, competitive analysis, business outlook, global benchmarks, geographic coverage, expansion plans, market performance and much more.

M&A Research, Mergers & Acquisitions

Business, Corporate & Sales Presentation

A powerful power point business presentation will keep the audience engaged, and make key messages clear and memorable. Important ingredients of a business/ corporate presentation include structuring, framing crisp but powerful content, easy to see colors and fonts, and visuals as well as infographics instead of too much text.

Our team of creative graphic designers and content developers will help you in achieving global business presentation standards. If you have a template, share it with us and we will use it for creating your business/corporate presentation, and if don’t have a template, no problem, we will create one for you in no time. Research experts, graphic designers & content writers at Alphoenix Research are also capable of creating top class sales pitch for established corporate, and investor’s deck, pitchbook or business-plan (b-plan) presentation for Start-ups, PE/VCs or Investment Banks.

Business Presentations, B-Plan, Corporate Presentations, Sales Presentation, Pitchbook