Q: My research requirements are not regular in nature. Can you still help?

Ans: No worries! You can buy credits and use them as and when you want research. Please contact us and get detailed pricing options. You can also write us at contact@alphoenixresearch.com.

Q: How secure is my data?

Ans: Your data and work is in good hands. We maintain a strict confidentiality policy to prevent any possible misuse of confidential information.

Q: How can I pay and in which currency?

Ans: We accept all major currencies in world and you can pay by Credit/Debit card or Net banking.

Q: Why should I outsource and not have an in-house research team?

Ans: We work as an extension to your team without any overhead expenses like office space, infrastructure, employee benefits etc. You will only pay for amount of work we do for you.

Q: How do I know my hours consumption?

Ans: At Alphoenix Research, everything is transparent. We provide detailed hours consumption sheet to each of our clients. You can tack your consumption effortlessly.

Q: How can I be assured about quality before getting into long term contract?

Ans: All our projects go through stringent sanity checks by our experienced researchers which leave no chance of error. Also, we discuss project thoroughly with the client, which leave no scope of misunderstanding or miscommunication. Contact us for more information.